The Impossible Story

Lily 14Dec06 006

All things are possible with the impossible story.

What is an impossible story? It’s a situation you have been in where a good outcome seems impossible. There is no logical way out and even though you have tried every avenue the situation seems hopeless. That’s when we let go and let God change the impossible into a possible. Everyone needs at least one impossible story because every now and then (with me it’s every day) you have to believe in the impossible for your life.

When I am going through a hard time that story is like an anchor for me to look to and believe in a solution for the current impossibility.

My favourite story is when, after years of fighting in court for access of my husband’s children, my husband’s ex-wife packed them off to north Queensland. Lily, my husband’s only girl was then 9. We were concerned for Lily because she was the youngest and we missed her terribly. We prayed but felt only God could act. Then one day I heard God speak to me, referring to Lily saying “She will be back when she is 13”. I was filled with joy at hearing those words. Wyley and I held onto that promise when all seemed impossible. Four years passed we had moved house. Then on August 2nd I remember saying to Wyley, “She’s 13 now, I wonder how much longer it will be”. By the end of November we received a phone call from the police asking for Wyley, they said that Lily’s mum had been taken to a phyciatric hospital as she had had an episode and that we could pick up Lily. Lily lived with us, growing into the most beautiful young woman, whom I am so proud to call daughter. This is the story I hold onto when I am facing an impossibile situation.

What is your impossibility story? If you don’t have one use someone else’s to build your faith.    


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