Time Really Is On Our Side


As a writer/filmmaker/editor/business owner/housewife/musician/friend/mother I am the boss of my day.

Time simply amazes me. It is measured by a clock that counts every second till sixty comes up then it becomes a minute. Each minute goes by till the sixtieth, then an hour has gone by, and on and on it goes. Time marching on till a whole persons life has ended. And it doesn’t stop there. I look back on half a century and wonder where did it all go.

The seasons of my life are clear; playing as a child, the confusing teens, adjusting to adulthood, being a parent to small, then teenage, then adult children. We seem to be in a constant time of transition. And it feels like time is against us. But have we waged war with time instead of relaxing, enjoying ourselves within its framework?

I know I have. I often get frustrated at the end of the day annoyed at the amount of things I have not accomplished. I don’t even have a real Taskmaster bearing over me, mine is invisible. I need to dismiss him from my life but he’s still there.

“YOU’RE FIRED” I declare. And I am changing tactics.

  • Even if the season of life seems awkward even downright overwhelming I am going to embrace it.
  • I am going to to use wisdom to help me accomplish more in less time. I will do this by using time management strategies. And I will not get annoyed if one of my tactics doesn’t work, I will learn from it and change it so it will work.
  • If I need a break I will take one and enjoy it with out guilt.
  • I will celebrate tiny victories. So often we subconsciencely look for big improvements when we put in a lot of effort. But change only happens in small increments. For example; I put in 10 hours a week practising bass guitar, I expect big improvements but realistically my improvements are small but they are lasting tecnical improvements.
  • I won’t let boredom set in. I will change my routine to keep concentration levels high.
  • Be open to learning how to do life better.
  • Assessing imediate priorities, rather than the tasks I want to achieve, which may be out of balance with my day.

Does time challenge you? If so in what ways?



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