Traits we HATE in people Part 1 (Could this be you?)


To be liked by people we have to cultivate favourable traits. And there are traits we simply have to erase from our personality.

These are:

You know the person who never shuts up. The person who, when you meet them, you know you’ll never get away in a hurry. That’s not the right impression you want to give someone. They may not want to hear all your news. After all, it is your news not theirs. If you tend to talk a little too much how about trying a different tactic, ask them how they are. If they give you a one word answer, ask them another question about themselves, don’t mention anything about you. This will take practice. Be prepared before you interact with people so you don’t over talk. You will discover people are fascinating. They will gravitate to you, they will want to know you and they will like you. If you don’t blow it and blab on as you used to.

THE BIG SHOW  are the people who have the bigger, better of everything. It’s not that they are setting out to brag. It could be, that what you said about your day trip to the beach, reminds them of the holiday they have just had in the Bananas. And they don’t realise it but they have demeaned your day trip. Sometimes they try to be helpful but the expense of their new coffee machine, no matter how good it is, just doesn’t make you feel like buying one at two thousand dollars. Keep a lid on what you have and do. I have a friend who is constantly going on holidays but they are so subtle in the way they talk about it. They don’t say much just that they won’t be around that week. I appreciate that because there are a lot of people who can’t have a lot of holidays and Wyley and I can relate to that at the moment. Maybe your not a big show but you’re a little show, which is annoying too. How can you stop the show off speal? Consideration of others is the key. You need to think about them and where they are at before you open your mouth. Ask yourself, “do I need to say this? “. Will it help them or do I just want to be heard? “.

THE LITTLE SHOW unlike the big show the little show uses subliminal messages to make them look good. This trait is the hardest to recognize in ourselves. Because it is so subtle. The statements they make are always about them even when they are about others. It might be that they have so much to do and complain about activities that are exciting and fun. The difference between the little show and the whiner in this respect is that they are looking for people to admire them whereas the whiner wants people to feel sorry for them. So insecurity is their core problem. And this is the area that needs work. Build on your self esteem.

THE WEATHER MAN This person talks about the weather or boring subjects. Do you find yourself taking about the superficial nothingness too much? Maybe you don’t know what else to say? Ask people about themselves. What has grabbed their attention lately? Think of a few questions you can ask so that the weather or similar boring subjects don’t dominate the conversation.

Look out for Part 2 when we expose 3 more undesirable traits you don’t want to be.

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