Traits we HATE in people Part 2


To continue from our last blog (and if you haven’t seen it, check it out) we will discuss 3 more unfavourable traits you don’t want to have if you want to be liked.  These are:

THE WHINER  is the person that will complain about everything, and I mean everything. They will make you want to slit your wrists. This person seems to exaggerate the negative. Why? Maybe they are dissatisfied with life or as I’ve just said (in the previous post), maybe they want some sympathy. We all want that sometimes. If you lean towards this trait, ask yourself is it possible to exaggerate the good you see instead? And why do you need to spread your negativity? Do you want someone to agree with you? Because they may not. Do you want people to care? They won’t, if fact there is a saying that goes like this, “half of the people don’t care and the other half think you deserve it”. Ouch!  Something to think about the next time you’re about to have a whinge.

THE DRAMA QUEEN This one is exhausting. They constantly have some drama happening in their lives they think people are really interested in. It can be great or traumatic. Let me tell you If you think your life is interesting it is to you, but it isn’t to everyone else. No one cares what is happening in your life. I’m sorry but it’s true. And the drama Queen is tiring. You really want to be a relaxed cruisy kind of person. A person people can relate to and relax with. If you are a drama Queen ask yourself “why do you need to tell people all your personal stuff? ” and will it help or hurt your relationships? Because you will come up against people who just won’t understand. I will make some exceptions here, there are people who are just going through very difficult stuff and yes we do care and we want to help. Maybe you are going through difficult stuff but don’t know how to go about getting help from your friends and you resort to being a bit drama queenish, watch your words and ask for help. Your friends do care.

THE SOCIAL CLUELESS is someone who interrupts a conversation or cuts you off.  It’s usually unintentional because they don’t understand social norms. How do you enter a conversation when others are talking? Well this one is simple if the conversation is one where others can join in. You start by moving closer, nod that you are listening, smile to respond and wait until they acknowledge you. Then if you have something to say wait till there is a halt in the conversation. How about when you want to talk to someone who is already talking to another person? You need to stand at a distance so you can’t hear what the two people are saying but close enough and visible to the person you want to talk to. You then wait till they are finished and hopefully the person you want to talk to acknowledges you and you can step up and speak when the other person leaves. Interrupting someone shows them you are not interested in what they are saying and you don’t want that. Using listening skills and being interested in the person helps. The conversation will eventually get to you If they like you and you will get to talk about you as well because relationships are about two people not one.

I hope these tips help you to make more friends.

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