WARNING! Is technology making you more lonely?

With all the technology at the moment we can lure ourselves into thinking we are more connected with people than ever before. Most of us have phones, tablets and/or computers with people connecting using programs like Facebook, email, twitter, messager, and all kinds of programs to group people, or find people, or photograph people. So why doesn’t the phone ring anymore? I remember when each household had a home phone that was used to speak to people and listen. A local phone call would only cost a set price no matter how long you spoke. People would call each other for all kinds of reasons, sometime just to have a chat, (what a concept).
Those days are gone.

That is not to say that digital advances aren’t beneficial, to be able to use social media, do business, research, listen to music, look and share photos and make phone calls from one device is helpful. But not at the cost of losing our humanity. First world auto accidents are on the increase largely due to increased smart phone usage while driving.

When the phone doesn’t ring loneliness can set in and I don’t care what you say a text, however loving and caring a text may be, just isn’t the same as hearing someone’s voice. Not for a flesh and blood person with feelings and needs to really connect with another person.
With all this technology we are becoming more isolated? One of the fastest growing mental health concerns is a fear of not being connected with others through an electrical device. A UK research project even came up with a name for the problem of feeling digitally disconnected, NOMOPHOBIA! (short for ‘fear of no mobile phone’) Are people losing the ability to connect without using technology?

It brings up the question; How do you relate to people? Do you visit, call and actually speak to a person occasionally? Do you visit a sick friend? Or do you make a mental note to stay away, they might be contagious, (even though studies about the germs found on smart phones is frightening!)? How long has it been since you spoke to your mother, brother, father, sister, uncle, aunt, neice, nephew, grandparents? or best friends?
Because as many friends and loving relatives as you think you have, one day, they could move out of coverage, die or find someone else and it could be you sitting alone without the phone ringing. I hope it’s not.

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